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Every day, people across the globe are looking for answers to life. With the internet so widely available, many of them look for truth online. Here are a few stories from our interactions with them.

Doris, a film director in Taipei, Taiwan, was working on a film based on her own story. Years earlier she had battled depression—even considering suicide. Doris turned to the internet for help and found the Peace With God chat. She asked the volunteer chat coach, “Where is God?” The coach walked through all her questions and shared the Good News about Jesus. Doris accepted Christ and now creates videos for the Chinese version of Peace With God.

See how her life has changed with God.

Maria grew up with a fearful impression of God. Over her life, she had experienced significant losses—leaving her with painful wounds. Maria often escaped reality by traveling, but when her beloved pet passed away, it sparked a deep depression—leaving her angry with God. One day, Franklin Graham came on her TV and described how God sent His Son to save her. Maria got on her knees and accepted Christ. But, her story doesn’t end there. Maria went through our online discipleship course and met a volunteer coach that helped her along the way.

Ana María was struggling with thoughts of suicide. She felt she was at her end and had written farewell letters to each of her loved ones. Ana María went online to look for ways to kill herself and ended up in a chat with a volunteer at (our Spanish-language site). She encountered God and He saved her. Ana María gave her life to Him and experienced a peace she had never felt.

Lorena’s father was her best friend and she struggled when he passed away after a battle with colon cancer. She soon fell into a daily pattern of work and alcohol. One day, she asked God to take her pain away and He led her to Lorena asked God to save her and He gave her a purpose and peace.